VIA optronics - VIA bond plus

VIA bond plus is VIA optronics’ proprietary silicone bonding material with unique material parameters. It is a two-component material, fulfilling all requirements for high reliable, long-time stable and optical enhanced display solutions.

Compared to organic substances like acrylics, epoxy and others, VIA bond plus shows the following advantages:

VIA bond plus, silicone bonding, anti reflective, bonding
  • Clear, transparent material showing no yellowing or haze
  • Anti-reflective (<1% reflective loss)
  • Fully reworkable (production and field)
  • No shrinking (<0.1%)
  • High adhesion
  • No external activators (like UV or heat) needed
  • High temperature stability
  • High e-modulus stability
  • Adjustable hardness
  • Nontoxic and production and environmental friendly


Beside VIA bond plus, VIA optronics offers additional additives to meet all product and customer requirements also for difficult installation situation and challenging product requirements. Our optical bonding material portfolio includes the following types of materials:

VIA bond plus, types of materials, display, bonding