MaxVU, VIA bond plus, sunlight readability, optical bonding


Light creates reflections each time it changes medium, e.g. from glass to air to glass. Additionally each surface creates a reflective loss depending on the index of refraction of the materials facing each other. The higher the reflective loss the lower the contrast ratio of the display.

VIA optronics patented MaxVU™ process and proprietary VIA bond plus material fully laminates the LCD with the front glass or touch sensor. The index of refraction of VIA bond plus is perfectly matched to all type of cover glasses and LCDs. Therefore VIA optronics optical bonded displays eliminate nearly all reflective loss and lead to LCD with high contrast ratio and superior sunlight readability. Additionally optical bonding enhances mechanical stability and avoids moisture or particles between the display layers.

MaxVU, VIA bond plus, sunlight readability, reflective loss

VIA bond plus and MaxVU™ advantages at a glance

  • Avoids all reflections in between LCD and touch/glass
  • No condensation or dirt/particles commonly found in air gaps
  • Improves mechanical properties drastically such as
    • Mechanical shock
    • Vibration
    • Impact resistance
  • Improves stability of the overall assembly
  • Allows thinner designs
  • Allows a much wider uuse of fragile, thin LCDs
  • Lengthens LCD and battery lifetime by giving enhanced optical performance

VIA bond plus and MaxVU™ application range

  • Applicable for display sizes from 1.5“ up to 84“ (or even higher)
  • Applicable for bonded cover glass as well as touch panels to LCDs
  • No limitation for cover glass and touch panel designs – curved and plastic bonding possible
  • VIA bond plus and MaxVU™ are continuously further developed and improved for
    • Lower material cost
    • Lower production cost
    • Higher production throughputs
    • Ease of use