VIA optronics - Technology Licensing

VIA optronics` technology licensing business model enables customer to use VIA optronics proprietary optical bonding technology. The technology licensing includes VIA bond plus bonding material know-how, equipment design and purchase and technology transfer

  • Technology transfer (MaxVU™ process)
    • Process transfer and ramp up support for high volume customers
    • Process descriptions and handbook
    • Engineering support to train and ramp-up a manufacturing line at the customers factory
  • Equipment know-how and sale
    • Equipment design and planning including descriptions and handbook
    • Optional VIA optronics can support the production set-up based on VIA optronics clean room experience for optical bonding
  • VIA bond plus proprietary material know-how and sale
    • Access and information to new material and processes is included

VIA optronics - Equipment know-how for fully automation

Technology licensing, optical bonding, VIA bond plus, know how
Equipment, know how, optical bonding, automation