Standard Product Solutions

PCAP, multi touch, sensor, AIO, interface, PCB
Standardproducts with VIA connect board


VIA optronics Standard Products offer multiple design options to customers including custom cover lens and custom mechanical design:

  • Standard PCAP Multi Touch Sensors
  • Standard Backlight Design Assemblies
  • VIA optronics AIO Touch & Display Controller Interface PCB Assembly
  • Custom Mechanical Assembly
  • Custom Front Glass
  • High reliable, environmental operational performance
  • Available in a size ranges of 7Inch, 10.4Inch, 12.1Inch and 15Inch


backlight units, open cell, optical adhesive
7Inch, 10.4Inch and 15Inch Standard Products


VIA optronics Standard Products utilize different standard backlight units with multiple open cells inside a standard housing/frame. Due to easiliy changing the open cell, a very long product lifecycle can be ensured as open cell and touch panel can be changed independently without changing form/fit/function of the standard product.