VIA optronics - Interactive or non-interactive LCD systems

DHA, LCD-touch assemblies, LCDs, interactive, non-interactive
Hinge-Up Example - Consumer Electronics

VIA optronics provides high reliable and sunlight readable interactive or non-interactive LCD systems from small to large size. The LCD systems can be

  • Display head assemblies (DHA)
  • Hinge up monitors or
  • Sub-assemblies, like enhanced LCDs, touch assemblies or LCD-touch assemblies

VIA optronics has the ability to bond any combination of displays, glass, and touch sensors enabling

  • Customized monitor and sub-assembly solutions
  • Standard solutions for quick turn-around and proven performance
VIA optronics, integration, automated production
Example - LCD-Touch Assembly


VIA optronics integration solutions are available from low to high volume using our scalable production facilities (semi auto to full automated production lines).

Additionally Via optronics offers the full range of environmental qualification and testing using in house laboratories and test equipment.