VIA optronics is the inventor of its MaxVU™ optical bonding process. MaxVU™ patents apply for all markets, such as consumer electronics, automotive and industrial application.   

VIA optronics’ patented, proprietary bonding process ensures:

  • Superior control on bond line thickness and tolerances
  • Very thin bond lines meeting market requirments of ultra slim application
  • Fully re-workability (production and field)
  • High process/production yield
  • Prevention of optial side effects such as glow marks, Mura and other potential LCD damage due to a pressureless optical bonding process


MaxVUII, dry bonding, process, curing, LCD, interactive

MaxVUII™ is a „dry bonding process“, whereas the optical bonding material is applied to the cover lens and pre-cured to form a soft and jellylike layer. The pre-curing process is not related to any specific pre-curing mechanism. Any pre-curing mechanism, such as heat curing, UV-curing, moisture curing and others are applicable. After pre-curing the cover glass is positioned on top of the LCD without using mechanical force. Similar as for pre-curing also for post-processing any curing mechanism, such as room temperature, heat, UV, moisture and other curing mechanism can be used.

The process is meant for low as well as high-volume application and needs product specific tooling and a semi-automated or fully automated process.

MaxVU™ - a nea-(non-external-activation)-curing-process

All MaxVU™ processes in combination with VIA bond plus material work without external activators (like UV or heat). Compared to processes that need external activation (UV and/or heat), VIA optronics´ “nea-curing-process” shows the following advantages:

  • The material cures reliably over time
  • The curing hardness remains constant over time
  • Curing time period can be controlled exactly