VIA optronics - Industry Application

VIA optronics, bonding, industrial, reliable, robust, sunlight readable

Transportation, heavy machinery, digital signage, avionics and marine applications, POS/POI and large size applications – These are just a view examples for industrial applications that need to meet higher requirements than off-the-shelf displays.  Leveraging over 20 years of industry experience with optical, mechanical and rugged display enhancements and integration, VIA optronics high reliable LCD, Touch, and LCD systems

  • solve sunlight readability as well as
  • extreme temperature, shock, vibration, condensation, dust and other performance criteria
optical bonding, industry, display, touch panel, sensor



VIA optronics offers

  • all types of customized display solutions
  • any optical bonded combination of displays, glass, and touch sensors and
  • Standard solutions for quick turn-around and proven performance


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