VIA optronics - Consumer Electronics Application

Optical bonding, consumer electronics, sunlight readable, monitor

Consumer applications are demanding thinner, brighter and low power consuming display systems. 
VIA optronics is an industry leading provider of display systems for high volume consumer electronics applications.  Leveraging our high-volume production facility in China and a flexible business models in which we offer an integrated supply chain, VIA optronics balances volume and flexibility for all kind of consumer electronic applications.

laptop, consumer electronics, screen, display


By utilizing our Max VU™ patented process and our proprietary VIA bond optical bonding material, VIA optronics can realize any type of display, glass, and/or touch sensors combination

  • having a lower power consumption,
  • while offering a brighter and excellent sunlight readable display

Applying our technology to consumer electronics applications makes the end product to consumers even more appealing. Unlike typical air-gap stack-ups, our solution is overall thinner, substantially less reflective, and overall more robust.

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