VIA optronics, founded in 2005 by the current CEO Jürgen Eichner is a privately held company and has ~700 employees. The company, headquartered in Altdorf, Germany provides high-end display solutions based on being a highly regarded expert in optical bonding and display enhancement solutions. With production sites in the Europe and China and having semi and fully automatic optical bonding capacity, VIA optronics balances volume and flexibility for all kind of displays from small (e.g. 1”) up unlimited diagonal size (e.g. 84” or higher).

Key advantages of VIA optronics

  • 20 years of business experience in high reliability & industrial markets and high yielding optical bonding
  • In-depth optical bonding knowledge and unique display expertise
  • Leading provider in automotive & industrial markets
  • Proprietary optical bonding technology including patented process and proprietary optical bonding material and equipment
  • Fully automated and high volume capacity

Business segments overview

  • Integration solutions: Design and production of complete display and touch systems, display head assemblies, hinge ups and monitors
  • Bonding service: Contact manufacturing services starting from optical bonding of two components such as display and touch up to hinge up integration
  • Technology licensing: Technology transfer and ramp up support for high volume customers including proprietary material and equipment sale