VIA optronics - Bonding Service

VIA optronics optical bonding service is dedicated to cover peak demands of licensing customers and support of customers who intend to bring optical bonding in house

  • VIA optronics provides optical bonding services of displays, bonded touch, and/or hinge-up assemblies including
  • VIA optronics' optical bonding services can be based on a Consigned business model or a Turnkey solutions to assist our customers with supply chain enhanced support, experience, and reliability

VIA optronics optical bonding services are based on strict production & quality control processes with integrated MRP systems

production, quality, MRP system, cleanrooms
production, quality, MRP system, cleanrooms

VIA optronics Capacity, Infrastructure & Facility for optical bonding services

  • 4 cleanrooms including 2 cleanrooms for manual and 2 cleanrooms for automated bonding
  • Fully automated line ramped up in 2014 enabling > 120k units/month
  • Designated Class 100 & Class 1000 Clean Rooms
  • Cleanroom particle control management
  • Cleanroom humidity & temperature control management
  • ESD control management