VIA optronics - Automotive Application

Optical bonding, automotive, interactive, safety

Innovation in cars are mainly driven by the adoption of advanced electronic solutions to support functions such as telematics, communication, entertainment, and on demand diagnostics. Car manufacturers have started to integrate displays to enable a quick navigation through complex menu tree in order to simplify the human machine interface. As displays will increase in size and will become a dominant part of the dash board, display designs need to be unique to brand owners and therefore customized. The placement of the display in the car interior has high impact on passenger safety and therefore on its mechanical requirements.

VIA optronics is offering advanced display solutions that meet all automotive requirements leveraging our experience and know-how from military applications that have the most stringent requirements with respect to durability and robustness.

Optical bonding, monitor, interactive, display

Meeting the trends and requirements of the automotive industry, VIA optronics offers display solutions that are

  • operational in a wide range of temperature
  • provide superior sunlight readability and
  • having a high durability and robustness

Following the trend of design flexibility for future display assemblies, VIA optronics offers

  • solution for optical bonding of plastic cover lenses and
  • solutions for optical bonding of curved lenses and touch panels

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